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The Produce Moms Podcast

Sep 25, 2019

“Companies like Hazel Tech are a part of the solution to the global food waste crisis.”

Lori Taylor (17:26 - 17:33)

Aiden Mouat is the CEO and co-founder of Hazel Technologies, a company passionate about saving resources and reducing global food waste, and they’re doing it in an eco-friendly way. 

Food Waste is a...

Sep 18, 2019

Eating Healthy on the Go With Alison Velázquez 

“Fresh produce is not only a cornerstone of my brand. It’s a cornerstone to my own diet as well.”

Alison Velázquez (6:45 - 6:53)

Drinkable soup is the newest food trend you definitely want to get in on. When you’re in a hurry for your eight o’clock meeting but...

Sep 11, 2019

“A third to a half of all the food we produce is wasted. There's a food supply gap that we can begin to close and make an impact on if we just waste less.”

Natalie Shuman - (4:58-5:12)


Apeel Sciences is one of the most buzz-worthy brands and products in the produce industry, agriculture, and the entire world....

Sep 4, 2019

“People love CBD because it doesn’t get you high but has all the benefits of cannabis, including pain relief and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.” 

Emily Kyle (5:04 - 5:20)

Emily Kyle is a registered dietician and holistic cannabis practitioner. She offers a compassionate, understanding holistic...