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The Produce Moms Podcast

Jun 18, 2021

“Students can go anywhere in the world, if they are an FCS teacher, and get a job” 

Dr. Jacqueline Holland (23:13 - 23:21)

Dr. Jacqueline Holland, Associate Professor and Director of the Department of Family Consumer Sciences at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, and Dr. Susan Turgeson, Associate...

Jun 16, 2021

“Sharing content all started because of an onion tree. Boring!”

Shay Myers (4:10-4:14)


You’ve probably seen or heard of Shay Myers, third generation farmer and CEO of Owyhee Produce, through his TikTok and Instagram handle @shayfarmkid. He’s been educating consumers and showing them behind-the-scenes of his...

Jun 9, 2021

“I’m definitely optimistic about the future of the restaurant industry. People always have to eat!”


Seth Karm (16:56-16:59)

Salad Savoy, a one-of-a-kind vegetable that grows in beautiful white and violet heads, is the namesake of the company behind some of the healthiest, nutrient-dense vegetables around. The...

Jun 4, 2021

“We are going to address our family and consumer sciences teacher shortage and truly work to increase the number of highly qualified teachers that best meet the needs of our schools and community.” Kristin Vest (5:49-6:02)

Reno Palombit, CTE Workforce Development Specialist from North Carolina, Melissa Webb,...

Jun 2, 2021

“The great thing about cocktails is they are cultures in a glass. You can learn so much about the history of a place, its people and its traditions just by what you are drinking.”


Erin Petrey (5:33-5:41)


Erin Petrey, mixologist, cocktail coach, and longtime cocktail and culture writer for